As the January chill sets in, the joy of Pongal celebration resounds the air. 

PONGAL – A joyous celebration to express gratitude for a bountiful harvest towards the sun god. Infused with the earthy rhythms of agrarian life, Pongal offers a peek into a rich culture and a way of life that has been celebrated in Southern India for centuries.

Tamil Nadu seems to take Pongal as its signature festival. The four days long Pongal festival is celebrated in  January (Thai) every year as a thanksgiving to Sun God.


pongal vizha 2020


Our Bannari Amman Institute of Technology celebrated the most popular Tamil harvest festival in our campus’ vivasaya thidal on 08 January 2020 in the traditional way, with the purpose and significance of imparting the diversified heritage of our culture.


pongal celebration


Our chairman Thiru. S. V. Balasubramaniam was welcomed to grace the function with the Tamil conventional music of thavil & nadhaswaram along with the Tamil folk arts like mayilattam, oyilattam and kavadiyattam.


pongal vizha


With everyone turning out in the best traditional attire, the mood was one of joy and rediscovering traditional customs.


tamil culture


The BIT – Muthamizh mandram organized a plethora of programmes for the entertainment of the students. They hosted interesting traditional sports events like, ‘Kabadi’, ‘Silambam’, ‘Uri adithal’, ‘KaeruIzhutthal’, ‘Vazhukku Maram eruthal’, ‘Slow Cycle Race’, ‘Kolam competition’ and also students staged an impressive cultural programme comprising traditional dances like folk dance, kummi, etc.



tamil folk arts


Different kinds of food stalls were placed around the celebration area. Students from different faiths and traditions also participated and enjoyed the events.


food stalls


The entire place created the feel of a traditional set up with the Pongal ambience being decorated with kolam, thoranam using mango leaves. A lump of fresh, lush turmeric along with sugarcane added charm and brought the exact feel to the setup.


Pongal festival


Students and faculties participated and enjoyed our traditional Pongal Celebration and witnessed our rich heritage exhibiting our thankfulness to Farmers and Mother Nature through the festival of Pongal. 


Students Dance performances


Students Dance performances


The whole day of entertaining and enlightening events concluded with the most entertaining performances of the students.


Happy Pongal Hope this season of festivity 

Mushroom all the prosperity

And Good luck in your life.

Happy Pongal!

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