All of our futures are increasingly linked to the challenges of the global community. For students to participate effectively in this changing world, they must understand it. 

The 21st century student will sell to the world, buy from the world, work for international companies, compete with people from other countries, manage employees from other cultures, collaborate with people all over the world, and solve global problems.

With a single campus located in Sathyamangalam, BIT serves nearly over seven  thousand students each year and is one of the Top educational institutions in Erode District. 

Making Students ready for the rapidly changing world

BIT prepares 75 percent of its students for professional and technical careers yearly. Our students come from all walks of life and have diverse needs. 

Our students are interacting in a globally connected environment.

At BIT, we believe that global education needs to be available to all students at all levels of education. 

We believe that students can develop global competencies along multiple educational pathways: in general education, in major-readiness courses, in professional and technical programs, and in developmental education. 

Whatever their backgrounds, all students deserve the opportunity to benefit from learning that connects them to the global community.

Empowering Students to change the world

By creating real-world projects with visible and positive outcomes, We immerse  students in learning the 21st centuries most sought after skills while developing their sense of altruism. 

We also persuade and train our students on various attitudes, skills, knowledge that students need to navigate and flourish in the world. They integrate activities that purposefully resolve opportunity gaps among students on a daily basis.

It is a great misconception to assume that social change can only be implemented by those who have already reached adulthood. In fact, many young people are transforming their world in ways that make them feel proud. 

As an educator,  BIT act as a catalyst to help our youth continue to change the world for the better.

In future, we will look closely at the characteristics of globally competent skills and attributes that our institution can utilize as education practices to equitably prepare all students for success.

How did BIT create these programs within the constraints of today’s tightening budgets?





It took the vision of our students and faculty members, the support of the Student Programs, the complete involvement of our faculties and the collaboration of our community members. 

Funding comes from various sources: The Bannari Amman Group, fundraising efforts by student clubs and programs, contributions from community organizations, and small personal contributions by each student.

Our Students Experiences helps us renew our commitment to prepare all students to succeed in the global community.





BIT Students with great Competitive Skills

BITians Made History, The First Team From India in USA

Students from Bannari Amman Institute of Technology made India proud by  participating as the FIRST team from India, in the American Society of Civil Engineers(ASCE)- National Concrete Canoe  Competition 2019 hosted by Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL, USA,

The team ‘YALIVIL’ from BIT  with 40 undergrads is the first team picked to represent ASCE – INDIA Section in the National Concrete Canoe Competition at Florida Institute of Technology, in USA. Through this great remarkable accomplishments BITians made India Proud on the stage of  a global level competition.

Learning and Service by BITians at MALAYSIA


Computer Science and Engineering students Yogesh K, Vikram G, Dhanush R and Abhinav Sudharsan S from BIT had gone through their stupendous internship program at the Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation(APU) in Malaysia. 

They have also delivered a hands-on session and trained the students of Asia Pacific University of Technology and innovation. BIT students have gained a pool of experience in this internship at APU.

This is a real act of proud for our BIT as well as Tamil Nadu. Our students have proved other nations that we could make everything possible and technology is at our doorstep.

BITians participated in international level event at Singapore (MYSTUS) 

Bannari Amman Institute of Technology students competed in the International level event SAUVC’19 in Singapore.

The students created an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle called Mystus1.0, which travels underwater with the help of pre-programmed control method. 

They had also got a chance to discuss with professors from reputed institutes like IIT, NIOT and some Industrial personnel from outside the country to develop our skills and technical knowledge.

During this project, they practically learnt and applied fluid mechanics concepts, understood their academic papers like Strength of Materials and Fluid Mechanics to the next level. 

This project gave them a live experience of working interdisciplinary which helps them to work in their fields effectively.

BITians won Asia’s Biggest Event – ESVC’19 (ISIE-INDIA).

  “Achievement does not require extraordinary ability. Achievement comes from ordinary abilities applied with extraordinary persistence” –  Ralph Marston

BITians won the  Future Car Award for their project  “LUZ  LADRONAZ3.0” in the national level event Electric Solar Vehicle Championship (ESVC) 2019. They also received the Best Team Spirit Award. 

Students from BIT created a car which runs using only solar energy named as “LUZ LADRONAZ 3.0” and presented their innovation in Asia’s largest event  ESVC’19.

Our BIT institution takes many steps to incite students to involve in the research field.

BIT Students got fund for project from Israel

A team of interdisciplinary students team from BIT developed a water purifying device called Neerathar, which is capable to detect the presence of contaminants and measures the concentration of the same.

They have won the International level Sunrise Open Contest Hackathon conducted by India and Israel organized by Innovation Valley. In additional they are going to get the funding from Israel to develop their project into a commercial product in collaboration with Innovation Valley, Andhra Pradesh.

This team has taken the step to solve water crises and related problems by purifying it efficiently.Our institution takes many steps to galvanize students to involve in the research field. Also, our institution has supported the students initiative by sponsoring the total estimated cost for the project.


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