Chennai International Youth Fest 3.0

One of the largest youth conclaves of our country, Chennai International Youth Fest (CIYF) aimed at showcasing and garnering the full potential of the youth. 

“CIYF creates a platform for youngsters from various streams to showcase and build their interests and talents, which would further contribute to nation-building. We know the exact power of youth only if the right opportunities are given at the right time. CIYF is one such platform,” said Dr. S. Amar Prasad Reddy, The coordinator of the event, Chairman -Youth Development Consortium.


CIYF is a series of 200+ events which witnesses thousands of Young spectacular talents across the globe, participating in both competitive and non-competitive Cultural, Sports, Martial Arts, Exhibitions, Intellectual discourses, young artists camps, seminars, conferences, workshops, and adventure programs.

The CIYF was started in 2017, the third edition was grandly organised by Youth Development Consortium in association with Government of India, Govt. of Tamil Nadu, United Nations (UN) Entities between September 1 to 15, 2019. The theme of CIYF 3.0 is “Sustainable Development”.

BITians @ CIYF 3.0

Students from around 30 countries have participated in CIYF 3.0, 2019. In that 2500 participants had participated in the various categories such as Games and Sports, Fitness and Fashion, Business and Management, Science and Technology, Arts and Cultural, Seminars and Workshops, Public Events, CSR Category, and UN Conference. 

Two teams of students from Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, II year EEE department represented our BIT Drives and Energy Storage labs and participated and won prizes in the Line Follower event and Robowar event at CIYF 3.0.

One of our BITian teams comprising of the students,

            • Karthi C,
            • Dinesh B S,
            • Koushik Shiva S,
            • Divakar S,
            • Kaviyarasu S, and
            • Dinakaran  R

participated in the Line Follower event under the category of Science and Technology and won 1st prize. The winners were awarded trophies and medals in the function at Nehru Stadium, Chennai on 15.9.19.


winners of CIYF

What is Special in BITians Line Follower Bot?

      • Normally line followers use IR sensors to detect the line, in our students’ bot they’ve used photodiode for accuracy purposes.
      • BITians designed the chassis of the board using the Printed Circuit Board so that the space required for placing the components is reduced.
      • The competition was mainly based on The Fastest bot to complete the whole circuit within the minimum time. BITians bot had completed the circuit with 12 secs and qualified for the 2nd round. 
      • Among 16 teams 10 teams had qualified for the 2nd round. In the second round, the BIT team bot has completed the whole circuit in 9 secs and won the 1st prize. 

Another Trophy to Cherish 

BITians @ The Robowar Event – CIYF 3.0


CIYF winners


The BITians team comprising of the students,

            • Surendar V S,
            • Sri ram S P,
            • Veera Sivakumar M,
            • Vigneshwaran S and
            • Selva Prasanna M

from the department of Mechatronics won 3rd prize in the ROBOWAR event among 20 other colleges and Universities. The gameplay is about points for each task completion only with defensive mode.

Our BITians project kit is a ROBOSUM which weighs about 12 Kg to be operated remotely using the RF transmitter. 

The prizes were distributed by,

        • Mr.C.Vijayabaskar, Health Minister of TamilNadu and
        • Mr.Ashwini Kumar Choubey, Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare

on 15.9.19 at Nehru Stadium, Chennai.

The function was honoured by the chief guests,

        • Shri Prahlad Singh Patel, Hon’ble Minister of State for Tourism and Culture (Govt of India),
        • Shri Ashwin Kumar Choubey, Hon’ble Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare (Govt of India),
        • Dr C.Vijaya Baskaran, Hon’ble Minister for Health and Family Welfare (Govt of TamilNadu). 

Winners Do Not Whine, They Roar!

You were born to win, but to be a winner you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win. 

Winning is an attitude. You take the good with the bad and you keep on going. It gets hard, you get tired and sometimes burnt out but you keep on going anyway because you can.


“Congratulations to the teams on your fabulous victory. You deserve it every bit. Keep up the good work.”

It’s Not The End of Our Story. The Best is Yet to Come…!



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