AAKRUTI 2019 Design Contest


AAKRUTI is Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS Corporation Nationwide Product Design Contest. 




It creates a platform for students to showcase their skills in design and modelling using Solid works modelling software. 

An overall count of 2466 teams comprising of 4932 students had registered for the event this year. 

The design was evaluated by the jury panel out of which 10 finalists were selected from each zone to present their design at the respective zonal centres.

BITians @ AAKRUTI 2019 




In the south zone, about 432 teams had submitted their ideas. The BITians team was one among the 10 South zonal finalists who were called to present their design at the SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai.

Our Bannari Amman Institute of Technology students, 

              • Ms Subasree S R
              • Mr Vignesh S

as a team from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and UUV lab presented their project titled, Autonomous / Remotely Operated Aqua Bot for static water body cleaning and water quality monitoring.”


under water vehicle


The jury panel evaluated the team’s presentation based on several criteria. They scrutinised all the 10 projects and selected 3 teams to present their project at the grand finale which was held at Dassault Systemes, Pune on 3rd October 2019. 

Our BIT team was one among the 3 teams and it’s the only team from TamilNadu, being selected for the Grand Finale of AAKRUTI 2019.

The Aqua Bot

Let’s look at the greatest invention of our BITians @ AAKRUTI 2019,

India generates over 25,000 tonnes of plastic a day, and a lot of it ends up in our water bodies. The plastic bottles, bags and other garbage we carelessly toss out tend to hurt sea animals and birds — single-use straws get stuck in whale blowholes, ingested plastic bags kill seabirds and dolphins are often choked to death by discarded fishing nets. The PRINT

However, as awareness increases, more and more citizens are taking up cleaning initiatives. And this zeal to save our water bodies has spawned a growing market for machines that helps to collect the floating trash from the water bodies.

Our BITians intended to address the key problem which everyone knew was widespread but no one was doing anything about it. They created a design called “AQUA BOT” that collects the floating trash on the water and refresh the water in the water bodies.


Plastics on water


According to the recent reports of UNO, By 2050 it has been known that water pollution would be the prime cause for death. 


It is discovered that more than half of water pollution is due to the dumping of floating plastics on it. The floating waste on water bodies reacts with sunlight leading to photonic breakage of the plastics. This leads to the release of various chemicals namely PCB, DDT, PAH causing chronic endocrine diseases. 

The floating plastics cover the surface of the water cuts the oxygen and leads to the death of aquatic species. Also, this leads to the eutrophication condition. It is suggested that in the area of aquaculture it is necessary to access the properties of the water continuously for the ideal survival of the species. 


Plastics in Sea


Till now, the property analysis is done manually by humans. Also, it is not recommendable for allowing humans to analyse the properties in hazardous areas where industrial effluents are disposed of.

The main objective of the BITians’ “Aqua Bot”  is to clean the floating waste on the static water bodies which includes lakes, ponds, and private water bodies. The Aqua Bot uses a conveyor mechanism which rotates relatively with the movement of the Bot and collects the wastes on the water bodies. 


underwater vehicle


The Aqua bot not only cleans the floating waste but also integrated with various necessary sensors namely, 

          • pH sensors, 
          • turbidity sensor, 
          • air quality monitoring sensor and 
          • lightning sensor 

which access the necessary quality of the water. 




An app named Aqua is developed to use as a data monitoring system. The app displays the weekly charts of the variation of the pH and other parameters of the water bodies and could intimate to the user if there are any alarming changes in the properties. Also, the app has the feature to alert the user when the collecting bin reaches its maximum limit of collection. 

The bot is interfaced with Ardu pilot software through which the path of the water body is mapped and through the path the bot is made to navigate and collect the waste hindered in its path. The team assisted by modelling and Prototyping Lab at BIT.


      • Customisable structure as per application.
      • Customized 3d printed clamps for thruster and servo holding.
      • Solar-powered for 24/7 maintenance.
      •  Any time intimation to the user.
      •  Least maintenance.
      • Completely autonomous.
      • RF transmitter controller in case of emergency.


      • Cleaning floating waste on the static water bodies.
      •  Maintaining private water pools.
      • Cleaning and analyzing water properties in fish culture ponds
      • Fish feeding.

This calls for celebrating! Congratulations Guys!!




Our chairman Thiru S.V.Balasubramaniam, Trustee Dr.M.P.Vijayakumar, and the BIT Management Team appreciated the students Ms. Subasree S R and Mr. Vignesh S III yr Mechanical from the UUV Lab who have got shortlisted for the grand finale. 


On this achievement, we feel pleased! May God reward the team with a huge amount of achievement in their future. Many more congratulations to the team, And We hope many more to come. Best of Luck!!


congratulations image


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