“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . .

The man who never reads lives only one.”

                                                                      – George R.R. Martin

The book plays a vital role in everyone’s life. The Art of reading books is not a set of rules that we must follow; it is what comes from our hearts. Reading books makes our life worthwhile whatever the variety of books it may be science, history, philosophy, biography, etc.  Books can be our best friend and it will benefit us, only if our selection is based on our interest. Whatever book we read we will get a feeling that we have gained some knowledge. Reading books gives us immense wisdom without which we have to experience it for years. In this article, we will get to know about the pleasure and gain behind reading books.

The Art of Reading Books [Courtesy: www.essaywords.com]

How to Read a Book

Before reading a book, we should question ourselves, for what purpose are we reading it? Whether for entertainment or for learning a particular subject or for gaining knowledge in general. If we are reading for entertainment, we can select the book which is interested in us. If our passion is towards learning, we should take up the right author who is proficient, or if our reading is merely done to gain knowledge we can choose one of the popular authors available in the relevant field. The efficiency of any particular book is determined by the results obtained by the readers. Mere reading is a waste of time unless it is applied to our life. Hence, the benefit of reading a book is subject to the reader’s ability to imbibe the knowledge in their minds. The art of reading can be compared to meditation as it involves complete concentration, patience, complete focus, and withdrawing the messages given by the authors.

Best way to Read a Book

Reading is a habit to be cultivated in everyone’s mind. It is an art and if we mastered wisely the results will be massive. To be a good reader we should pay attention so that we can take-home message. For adults, reading is the best form of self-education. The best way to read a book is to introspect about it. The main thing in “The art of reading book” is that we can’t force anyone to read books; instead, we allow them to fall in love with their style of books and authors. We should not accept the things blindly whatever we read. Instead, at first we need to see how it applies to our lives, and at the same time, we should learn to discriminate. It should meet the purpose and reason for reading it. To be worthwhile it should cause us to think if it does that we will find that our mind is developing and we are not the person whom we are before reading.

Merits of Reading Book

For all our needs, knowledge, experience, lessons, techniques, methods, we need not spend our whole lifetime to learn and experience on our own. We can grab the relevant book and gain experience through it because for thousands of years people have already gone through all situations and found out solutions for every problem. It is enough for us if we understand and apply the solutions as per our needs. We must be wise enough to choose the right kind of books. It may appear to be a little hard when we begin reading books. So, it’s better to choose a book in the field of your interest. After a while we will find our liking towards reading. Reading not only helps us directly by the knowledge instilled in the books, but it does also have many unseen benefits. The unseen benefits of reading books are as follows,

Enhances the Concentration

Reading is essential as it is virtuous for our overall well-being. Nowadays, all of us are dependent on the internet, which consumes most of our time unproductive and almost we lost our concentration power. However, reading books is one of the most important productive works which improves our concentration power and also trains our brain to focus on the present.

Improves the vocabulary and Communication Skill       

The best and faster way to improve our vocabulary is reading. While reading we are exposed to new words every day and also helps in understanding how to use them. Once our vocabulary is improved our communication skills will also become better which will aid in improving our career.

Enhances the Creativity

Reading ignites our imagination and explores our minds to new possibilities. By keeping our brain active and engaged, we feel fresh always. We need to exercise daily to keep our bodies strong. Likewise, we need to give exercise to the brain to remain strong. Reading books can provide us mental stimulation that keeps our brain strong and enhances our creativity from different perspectives.

Building Self-confidence

Whenever we feel depressed in our life, during that situation we may lose our confidence and become hopeless. This problem can be easily overcome by reading good books. Reading cultivates our minds and gives us immense knowledge and lessons in life. By reading the motivational stories of strange people, we will gain more self-confidence with a positive vibe which makes us get rid of all our struggles. Sometimes, we need a little motivation to take our life in the right path. This is given by reading an inspirational book which will become a turning point in our life.

Reduce Stress

Reading reduces our stress from our daily life and makes us feel relax when we lose ourselves in a new story. Also, reading books calms our mind and helps us to take good sleep at night. By diverting our mind into reading fully, we can escape from the pressure of the day and allow the stress to melt away.

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.”

                                                                           – Jim Rohn

As the quote says, reading is important for our growth. Some of the other benefits include, it gives us knowledge and power, increases memory power, enhances our thinking skills, provides better writing skills, and at last gives you immense joy and pleasure. Books are known to be our best friend. Reading is most important for our mental and psychological growth. Hence, one can never feel lonely if we develop “The Art of Reading Books”.