Most of the students may or may not worry about their future up to the third year of his college studies.  At the beginning of final year only he may be fearful about his future life.  Because, a lot of commitments will be there after graduation.


Academic Marks and Skill

Both academic marks and specific skills are the important requirements while applying for a job. The students may fall under ‘not-qualified’ category for few companies because of loss in digits in the obtained percentage or grade.  Sometimes the skill may not be suitable for the particular job.


“Before we begin, I just want to say how happy we are for this opportunity for an open-minded discussion about your complete failure to improve our son’s academic performance.”

Area of Interest

Every student wants to work with their own interested areas.  Unfortunately, this will not be happening for all students.  Because, choosing the career not only depends on his job satisfaction but also includes the expected salary to run his family, job security for a long period, expected place of work, parents satisfaction, etc.


Identification of Companies

This is the major task for a student because a lot of companies are available in this world, but they are not always having recruitment processes.  So, it is a difficult position for the student to identify the companies list from the previous year of  histories.


Few things may happen from the company side.  They are,

(i) The company may not require candidates particularly for the current year.

(ii) They may increase the basic required qualifications, skills, etc.

(iii) They may change their selection criteria.

(iv) They may reduce the salary for initial positions.

(v) They may change their expected skill or area of expertise.


Sometimes, the alumni may not be able to support them because of their company rules and regulations.


Selection of suitable company

Whenever choosing a company, the primary requirement is job security for a long period.  Because of that it is required to improve the skill to fulfill the company’s technology update.  Thinking after selection is not a good one and if so, it will be disturbing our efficiency and performances.


Getting placement on the Expected Company

This is another mental pressure to get a favourite job from the expected company.  Specific hard work is required to achieve the same.  This hard work may take more time and it may disturb our regular academic performance also.  Identifying the required skill for that company, identifying the suitable guide (may be a professor or seniors or alumni), identification of reading or working resources (software, guidelines, websites, tutorials, etc.) and identifying the spending time to perform the complete exercises are the critical as well as the required circumstances to achieve this goal.


During this practising time, the Professors and friends may or may not understand his situation.  So, without getting tensed and worry about others, it is required to concentrate on practicing.  Sometimes the friends group support may not be available for discussion, practice, motivation, etc.


Moreover, the students may receive hints, supports, model questions, etc. at the last minute of their interview.  These all may be a new one apart from the existing exercises and give more confusion.  This also gives some more tension on the interview day.


Announcements of Placement Result

After the day and night preparation and attending the company’s recruitment process, the result is another biggest stress for students.  Few companies are announcing the result on the recruitment day itself.  But most of the interview panel members are not having full rights to announce the result and they submit their process marks to the company’s top levels and the results will be announced on some other day.


For few students, the result may come under the waiting list and it will take some more days or weeks to confirm.  Sometimes, the student may lose their job opportunity from the dream job due to little bit of lag in the final face to face interview.  This may totally upset his mind and that impact will extend for a month.


The students should not always lose their guts during the interview process and announcement of results.  Students should think that the company may lose a good candidate.  In addition, a lot of opportunities are always available to update our skill based on the most wanted positions.


Job Selection based on Personal Commitments

This is the situation of most of the students other than that of their own interest.  Sometimes parents may force their son to select a particular company’s opportunity due to safe working conditions, satisfied designation, expected salary, known persons or relatives availability, fulfilling of family requirements, etc.


Dream life

The students mind always think that getting a very high salary and sophisticated job at the initial stage itself.  But an experienced person says that it will not be able to get the same within a short period of time.  Through this dream job, students think to get settled in their life.  But in nature, this will be changed after entering into a job.


First Graduate

Most of the students will come from the village side and they will join the college as the first graduate.  So, the first duty is to get a satisfied job to fulfill the family requirements.  They may also guide their siblings and fulfill their requirements also.  Under this situation, the student can’t decide to select the job with his area of interest.


Family members’ dream

Most of the students come under this category.  First one is to obtain a father’s dream job.  Otherwise his elder brother or close relatives may be in a higher position and our parents want to get a job like that.  Sometimes, parents want to settle in high status.  That will also force the student to get an unwanted job.  Moreover, the family’s history may follow a particular job. That’s why parents wish their son / daughter to take the similar job.


Government Jobs

Based on the guidance from some parents or professors, few students may try to get a government job without interest on campus recruitment.  This may sometimes give support from the family but not many times.



Few parents expect their children to continue ancestry jobs.  That business will sometimes give great benefits based on the students interest on it.