This article is going to discuss about the hostel life of college students’ during their studies from the first year to final year.  Most of the time the students have enjoyed their college life due to their residency as Hosteller.  Each and every day / semester they are getting lot of experiences up to the end of final semesters.  May we consider a male engineering student here and now I will rush you to the hostel life through a feel…..


After the selection of a college, the family members or the situation may reinforce that student to the hostel life.  As a first year student, the first day may look like the very first day of his schooling.  The only different is the first day joining in the school, the children may cry and parents may force them to leave inside the school.  But now, the situation is totally different. The parents (particularly the mother) may leave his son/daughter with tear eyes.  He feels the loss of his/her blood relations. Sometimes parents may also have more affection with his son. After the parents left, the student might feel alone and sometime he may avoid his food on that day.


Mostly he must have done his schooling from home only.  Hence hostel experience as a new one.  The hostel staying environment is completely different from his home town environment. In some cases, his roommates may not be according to his expectations.  So, he tries to change the allotted room also. Sometimes, he may feel guilty to join with other students because of his low cut-off marks, medium of study, may come from village, admission type (quota) of students, etc.  Starting from the school days, it is habitual for few  students to stay alone.  Only because of his family situation, he is forced to stay at the hostel.


He also feels about the loss of his school friends.  He feels the same until he forms the college friend circle. During these situations only, a college friend (mostly the roommate) may enter into the student life.  We all know very well that whenever the frequencies are matching between the friends then only that friendship will be alive.  On the other side, a student’s academic performance may also affected due to their friendship.  Most probably the hostel friendship  starts from the roommates and come closer in the mess.  When he finds the food not satisfactory like home food due to the scheduled menus, he joins with his friends partakes in the food they buy at the canteen.


The second day of his first semester, mostly he wakes up earlier and try to go to the class on or before the time.  If his roommates share the same characteristics, this earlier wakeup habits might continue.  Otherwise this mindset is probably going to change and raise a question within him as ‘What are we going to do by waking up early?’.  Also sometimes the parents may call them like alarm.   Because at his home, he may woke up by his parents support only.


During lunch, sometimes it is possible to meet their roommates.  Otherwise, took their lunch quickly as minimum bit and go back to their classes.  Because, most of the times they may sleep inside the class if they take heavy lunch.  Evening is the happiest time after the end of classes.  Students may occupy the canteen as a group.  Now the friends’ circle may go as a large one because he may have their roommates along with the branch mates, batch mates and same native persons.  Through this way the sharing may starts on food, class notes, money, etc.


Apart from the regular classes, the friends circle mostly waiting for the weekends.  Because, on that day no one from their home and are not as blood relations.  All are friends only.  They want to enjoy with entertainments like playing games, speaking sardonically, occupying canteen for treats, etc.


On the other side, he may get difficulty to manage his little bit or regular health issues like headache, fever, body pain, etc.  He may expect their parent’s presence in these types of occasions.  Also, he may felt difficulty to wash or manage his cloth by own.  Importantly, he may get more stress to maintain and safeguard their belongings.  In addition with the above feelings, he also unable to participate or celebrate their family events, functions, etc.  Most of the hostelers told that they are always waiting for semester holidays to go to home.


As a hosteler, there are lots of advantages over a day scholar student.

  • It is not necessary to travel daily and to avoid fatigue.
  • Due to the time saving, it is possible to do the academic works like assignments preparation, study material, etc. in effective manner within the hostel room.
  • Taking proper quantity of food on time. Because the day scholar may avoid the same due to hurry to catch the bus.
  • It is possible to take part in body fitness activities like gym exercises, sports related activities, etc.
  • It is possible to spend evening time usefully like to act as an organizer or active member for the events (academic/non-academic) happening in the college.
  • May contact with the senior students in person to develop his/her academic and career opportunities.
  • Planning to do an efficient/effective discussion to develop co and extracurricular activities like social related project/product, practice on games, etc.
  • Maintain close relation with the wardens to develop themselves based on their guidance.


The hostelers may felt some points as a difficult one.

  • A student always expects his own time for study. The scheduled study timings are always felt as a difficult one.
  • Sometimes there may be a misunderstood under the category of ragging while contact with senior or junior students.
  • May get difficulty on understanding of the common rules, hostel rules and regulations.
  • Particularly for the hostel students, always the teacher / parents asking about the student’s performance in continuous assessment and end semester marks.
  • Opposite gender affection: Due to his immaturity and because of his age factor, release from the harassment environment of his schooling and wants to get relax, he may misunderstood the college freedom.
  • Think that there may be any problems raised while discussing with opposite gender person. How the friends taken this situation (contact senior students or discussing with opposite gender person)?
  • The senior students sometimes may guide wrongly.
  • Difficulty felt during the identification of good or opt friends within the hostel environment.
  • Mostly finding the enjoyment ways inside the hostel.
  • Sometimes his mind expects to avoid classes and trying to go to the hostel.
  • Fear to find the seniors strategy regarding placement.
  • The faculty members may assign some additional works for hostel students.


The senior students sometimes misbehave in the hostel like

  • Projecting them as a key person inside the hostel for all sorts of unnecessary activities.
  • Ragging the juniors.
  • Form a group and force the juniors to join with that group without their interest.
  • May misguide the juniors.



At the position of improving the students’ performance at all the stages, we (the warden and mess members) should work with sincerity to help and guide them in a proper manner and become a part of their improved life.  Due to the actions, reactions and feelings of the students at every stage, we should follow their ward and give proper guidance to motivate / lift them.  It is our heartfelt duty to generate healthy youngsters (both physically cum mentally) for the family, college, industry and society.