“Giving up sometimes doesn’t mean that you are weak but strong enough to let it go” This was written in the wallpaper which I had got from my friend.  First time when I saw it, the first thought that occurred in my mind was that what might be the big deal in giving up. Why are people making big issue out of this concept?

There is a proverb in tamil that says ‘only when you get a headache, you will understand the pain”.  As I thought giving up was easy but it is not so. I realized the difficulty in giving up only when I faced a similar situation. I always wanted to write –to express this experience with others and by writing this blog I can do the same. Looking back, I realized how childish I was. During my college years, I had fought with a friend of mine over some silly issue. I was so angry that I even stopped talking to him, erased his mobile number from my mobile and even stopped touching stuff which he used. Even if my other friend tried to talk to me about him I would scream back at them or would act as if he never existed. It is said that anger blocks your vision and prevents you from doing anything. My anger made me act like a child and now I have realized my mistake and hopefully have become wiser.

One day my friend (one of my close friends) caught hold of me and tried to stuff it into my head that these are just normal silly fights and I should not take them so seriously. I didn’t listen to them at that moment. But later that day as I sat near my favourite window with a hot cup of coffee, watching the lovely rain and thinking about the events in my day. My thoughts stopped at my friend’s advise and was thinking “wasn’t it childishness or I would I call it complete madness? ”, fighting like kids for no actual facts. Then, I thought that let me move back to normal. This was my first step of giving up. It did really require some strength as it is easy to think but difficult to execute. But the second step or the most important part was yet to be done and that was who was going to talk first, as he was also angry.

Source: https://medium.com/@MM_OKeefe/why-suggesting-you-surrender-probably-makes-you-sick-540e158989b7

Then I thought –I started this, so let me just finish it. It really did take my whole strength (as I had to let go of my Ego) to try talking to him. After four days of deciding, I tried talking to him. I called him out and told that I wanted to talk with him; he gave me one tough look and walked away. I was shocked, actually I didn’t expect this. I thought even he would have let it go and we would be friends like we were before. But after all giving up isn’t easy…is it. It took me nearly 3 months to let go of my Ego completely. It was really hurting but still there’s a different kind of peace in my head “I have let it go” and I was strong enough to let it goJ.

Giving up isn’t easy, nor to let go of all your Ego but they are not impossible. As someone has said “Always have a compromising nature in our life, because as world is round, everything that let go will definitely come back to you again”.

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