Educational Reformation is a part of human evolution; in every stage of evolution there was an educational reformation which in turn upgraded lives of human beings in all aspects. Education in fields like literature, art, engineering, medical, economy, etc. is required for the well being and completeness of human kind, therefore in each century there was a remarkable reformation and upgradation in all the above mentioned sectors for the ease and betterment of humans. Being in 21st century we have a lot of unsolved problems; which arises a question whether the reformations happened lead us in correct path or still reformations required to change the path of travel? Such questions are bound to arise because after all these reformations over centuries, we have lot of unsolved problems and hear voices citing history was better in the welfare of humans. One may think why we have to worry about education and its reforms? To address this question, humans are involved in creating world around us; so based on their educational outcome we will have a world around.


The education and its outcome in all fields are to be seriously weighed with proper pattern and assessment for the betterment of whole world, if we don’t treat the above one as a serious issue we would suffer in any one of other way.  Government has drafted several policies and constituted various organizations for providing quality education to the betterment of nation and human community, but not needed on the other hand current education system has not met the purpose of education like employability, self-sustainability and social responsibility. After analyzing various data and current scenario in the society one would really emphasis the need to reform current education system, the immediate next thought would be like yes but how and where to start? These thoughts muddle us and prevent further provoking to raise voice for the need, but how long could we travel? Should be the indestructible question before us, certainly we will not have an authentic answer! Hurdles were everywhere in my brain and thoughts; as a professor it’s very hard to sleep without adequate and convincing answers for my hurdles, decided to jump above all the hurdles because peaceful sleep was very demanding to my soul.


By keeping apart government policies and directions of constituted organizations for educational reformation, I developed my own policies which were drafted after analyzing various things in micro level and also ensured they don’t over rule directions provided by government and constituted organizations. How was it possible for me? Did they really bring the expected outcome? I would like to share the possibility experience and would suggest to check the outcome by yourself, years later world’s outcome would impress you better. The first clinch for me is to know about human brain anatomy and its functions, few may think; is it really necessary for an educator? Yes, it is!  How information is passed, stored, accessed and processed in human brain and its evolution over the years is very much needed for an educator and then there is a need to categorize the people based on their brain functionality which can be done by cognitive function test in different cycles. Now these data would give a precise view on the raw material we have, next processing them by ease and simple methods; their value would be impeccable. As a professor; I encounter students after higher secondary education, rather starting under graduation education a pause should be made and they can be driven through fundamental knowledge with hands on experiments and different teaching tools.


Students can be asked to do two projects of their interest with support elements and they are allowed to cherish the joy of success, their oriented interest drive them for the perfect choice among several disciplines of under graduation. After a choice is made by a student; detour of the selected discipline is done with different aids to reevaluate the choice made, we should ensure the above processes are executed with different activities embedded with fun and joy. An under graduate education has a goal to create a better world around us, as a facilitator to achieve the goal we are in need to customize and equip ourselves with different strategies based on the need. Curriculum structure and courses should be designed in line with our dreams and passion, assessment patterns should be modified at the same time it should not over rule the guidelines provided by government and constituted organizations. Contents of each course should stack fundamentals under the elevated real time applications with help of hands-on experiments.


The assessment pattern should be categorized in different levels; minimum weightage can be allotted for theoretical explanations on another hand experimental explanations and projects based on the knowledge from the course should be weighed more but as of now it is the other way around. Assessment panel should have foreign university collaborations and they can be done through digital tools in order to ensure our global standards. Industrial connect programmes should be made mandatory and must ensure at least 20 percent of their under graduate duration to be spent in various related industries. An industrial project solving an industry problem and a social project through government schemes should be completed at end of the programme for obtaining graduation. Social, cultural and physical activities must carry certain credits and assessment patterns in the programme. `One would be amused now after reading this blog; hey hold on! I got your mind how it’s possible to execute all these idea as single handed and with the existing duration of the programme ? How it was possible for me ? It was possible for me through this blog, I have jumped all my hurdles through words and thoughts. I have shared my experience for creating better world around us. If you have one with you tag me along to create a pool from where we can jump together with collaborative ideas to clear our hurdles. I realize real hurdles are in front of me, though I am not shackled because hands of Bannari Amman Institute of Technology (BIT) are with me; which has the empowerment to execute my ideas in creating better world.


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