“Depression is not a joke” 

Depression is a common mental disorder that can lead to suicide. Studies have shown that depression is a major and leading cause of suicide all over the world in the age group 17-43.


Major Causes of Depression:

  • Family history
  • Trauma
  • Medical conditions
  • Stressful atmosphere
  • Feeling low most of the time


Symptoms of Depression:

  • Mood swings
  • Difficulty in concentrating on anything
  • Changes in sleep pattern
  • Getting irritant on small issues
  • Changes in physical well-being


A real-life story which can turn out to be an eyeopener for all of us:

There was a really brilliant boy, he always scored 100% in Science. He got Selected for IIT Madras and scored excellent in IIT. He went to the University of California for an MBA. He got a high paying job in America and settled there. Married a Beautiful Tamil Girl. Bought a 5 room big house and luxury cars. He had everything that creates him successful but a couple of years ago he committed suicide after shooting his wife and children.


California Institute of psychotherapy Studied his case and located *“what went wrong?”*

The researcher met the boy’s friends and family and found that he lost his job due to America’s economic crisis and he had to take a seat without employment for an extended time. After even reducing his previous salary amount, he didn’t get any job. Then his house installment broke and he and his family lost the house. They survived a couple of months with less money than he and his wife together decided to commit suicide. He first shot his wife and youngsters then shot himself. The case concluded that the person was Programmed for *success* but he wasn’t *trained for handling failures*.

Now let’s come to the actual question. ‘What are the habits of highly successful people?”

First of all, I would like to inform you that if you’ve achieved everything, there’s an opportunity to lose everything, nobody knows when subsequent depression will hit the planet. The best success habit is getting trained for handling failures. I want to request every parent, please don’t only program your child to achieve success but teach them the way to handle failures and also teach them proper lessons about life. Learning high-level science and maths will help them to clear competitive exams but knowledge about life will help them to face every problem.

Teach them about how money works rather than teaching them to figure for money. Help them find their passion because these degrees won’t help them within the next depression and that we don’t know when the subsequent crisis will hit the planet.


How to overcome depression?

It is not very impossible to overcome depression. “Happened are those things that never happen in life again and that’s what makes life beautiful”. You are gifted with only one life and why bring an end to it by yourself? Why spoil every minute of your happiness by overthinking on incidents that have happened? Ask yourself each time whether this is worth your life? When you have answered all of these questions, you will no more ponder over the past. 

  • Indulge yourself in activities that you like the most
  • Never try to be alone
  • Always be surrounded by people who make you happy
  • Be creative in every activity you do


Responsibility of family members and friends on treating a person affected by depression:

  • Understand his/her behavior and do not try to overpower them
  • Listen to them patiently
  • Allow them to cry
  • Soothe them with your attention
  • Never try to ignore them


Depression though not found to be a deadly disease, it makes a person feel insecure and leads to death. Each of us has different responsibilities meant only for us that none can do. Let us understand the importance of “ME” and give preference to our lives. Anything that matters deep down is subject to change. The things that are important today will never even bother you sometime later. Time heals everything. Be patient, look for the better person in you every second of your life. 


Always remember “nothing is going to stop without you, the world keeps on moving but then, why without you?”