Role of Technology in Growth of a Country

Technology has played a key role in helping move developing countries toward sustainable growth, with innovative solutions that promote the welfare of people in those areas. 

Whether it’s using solar energy to power villages and generate free Wi-Fi, setting up mobile phone systems to track births and provide healthcare information, or expanding education to underserved children through digital means, technology has been a critical resource for sustainability.

Robots for Rescue Operations

Rapid advances in technology are revolutionizing the roles of aerial, terrestrial and maritime robotic systems in disaster relief, search and rescue (SAR) and salvage operations.

Robots and drones can be deployed quickly in areas deemed too unsafe for humans and are used to guide rescuers, collect data, deliver essential supplies or provide communication services.

The impact of earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding is increasing, so the need for robots for all phases of a disaster, from prevention to response and recovery, will increase as well.

– Robin Murphy, head of CRASAR and author of the book Disaster Robotics.

Given that 80% of the world’s population lives near water, maritime robotics plays an important role in disaster relief.

BITians Maritime Rescue Bot Demonstration

Maritime Rescue Robot

A team of 6 students, Yuvanshankar K A, Santhiya V, Dharshini K, Indhra Priyadharshini, Mysri S, Ramya R from the Engineering Lab, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology designed a Maritime Rescue Bot which helps to rescue and safeguard the people drowning in water.

The Maritime Rescue Robot was demonstrated to the Director of Tamil Nadu Fire and Rescue Services Department, Dr C. Sylendra Babu IPS on 31st January 2020, Friday.

The robot is built to survive the unpredictable conditions of a disaster site. Every year, more than one million lives are claimed by natural disasters. Millions more are displaced, BITians’ maritime rescue bot hopes to be able to reduce these numbers

The bot was demonstrated to Dr C. SylendraBabu IPS, DGB, at the Kodiveri Dam, Sathyamangalam. 

During the demonstration, the operations of the maritime rescue bot were lively demonstrated in water. One of the department staff operated the bot to test its efficacy in saving persons from drowning and how to manage it during different potential disasters.

Dr C. Sylendrababu IPS Appreciated BITians

Maritime Rescue Robot

Dr C. Sylendrababu IPS, DGP inspected the trial and felicitated the students Yuvanshankar K A, Santhiya V, Dharshini K, Indhra Priyadharshini, Mysri S, Ramya R who innovated the bot under the guidance of the engineering lab trainers Nandakumar and Selvamuthukumaran.

The students assure that it would be handy during the Flood rescue operations.

The Maritime Rescue bot for Flood Rescue Operations

Tamil Nadu has suffered extreme weather events frequently, most discernibly since 2015 when south Chennai was flooded due to heavy rains and consequent flooding.

One of the key problems during the floods and the cyclone was the lack of quick rescue operations.

The Maritime Rescue Bot can help by accelerating the process during the rescue operation.

The bot is designed using PVC pipes and it works on radiofrequency signals, the bot can withstand for 5 hrs straight during the rescue operation.

The bot is designed in a way so that the individual can ride along with it using the side handles.  It has the capability of carrying a maximum weight of 80 kg.

The price of the bot is too low when comparing to its work. It can be used in any kind of water bodies.

The team displayed the Maritime Rescue Bot in the National level competition sponsored by AICTE. They won the first round and got selected for the second round. The great invention was appreciated by everyone.

The idea behind robots for rescue activities is to create robust robots that can travel into areas that are too dangerous for humans.

Life-Saving Technologies

Life Saving Technologies

While technological advancements provide plenty of luxuries and make life easier in developed countries, these tools are life-saving in developing nations.

As challenges persist, there will be a continuing need for innovative solutions to problems and new technology to transform the lives of the less fortunate.

BIT Engineers have been at the forefront of humanitarian efforts that promote sustainability and growth.


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