On trade, when you stand still you fall behind.

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Be it anything from needle to toy, electronic gadgets, hot water bottles you will find the Chinese version of the same in India at much cheaper price. The price of Chinese goods is 10-70% lower than that of Indian goods. Low price, bulk availability and variety are some of the favorable features of the Chinese goods in India. Chinese product in huge quantity are put into Indian market and adversely affecting the Indian units. Chinese goods are not only affecting the domestic business and Indian market but also affecting the export market of our country.

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Indian goods are being replaced by “Made in China” label both in India as well as abroad. Made in China label is slowly capturing the every segment of Indian market such as electronic goods, textile and garment industry, toys, medicines, car components, etc…Chinese products are mostly low in quality such as last year, on Diwali, Indian market had been flooded with Chinese crackers containing sulphur. Sulphur is dangerous than nitrate used by Indian cracker makers. Their low price attracted lots of buyers which really affected the revenue of the Indian crackers industry.

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To safeguard the domestic manufacturers from the Chinese goods there is a dire need to change the policies and add duties. Apart from this India seriously need to work on its infrastructure and efficient use of energy and other natural resources to compete at cost level and quality.




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