“Nature alone is antique, and

the oldest art a mushroom”.

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 A mushroom is a type of fungus with the Latin name of Agaricus bisporus. A mushroom is expressed as the “fruiting body of a fungus plant that typically appears above the ground and contains spores”. It is this fleshy bracket (fruiting body) that is frequently eaten and which reproduces by dispersing spores in the same way that other plants disperse seeds. Instead of drawing nutrients through the roots, fungi are supported by a network of fine, microscopic threads known collectively as the “mycelium”. Mushroom cultivation is a technical process. In our Institution,  the Mushroom Production and Training Centre are ready to harvest the first batch of mushroom beds prepared . Mushrooms start growing all over the surface and are harvested on 10.01.2019.

Image result for mushroom cultivation farmOur beloved Chairman Thiru S.V.Balasubramaniam and Trustee Dr.M.P.Vijayakumar visited the Mushroom Production and Training Centre during the harvest. Dr.V.Chelladurai, Head (i\c) and the team explained the process of mushroom harvesting and packaging to our beloved Chairman and Trustee.

“Mushroom mysterious…. medicine and more…”



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