William Hazlitt, the British Writer once said,

” First Impressions are often the authentic”.

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A man’s look is the work of years; it is approved on his visage by the events of his whole life, nay, more, by the hand of nature, and it is not to be eliminate easily.” The truth of the matter is that the first impression can really play a decisive role in the way a person perceives you or continue to perceive you in future. The first impression is the last would perhaps be an excess because like everything else, one can literally correct their mistake. However, one will have to make firm efforts and waste a lot of time, to be able to correct the mistake that they made in the first place.  Thus, it is best that a person takes much attention and lays much emphasis on making the first impression prim and proper. 

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“If first impression is the last impression….

Then you should be lightening & not a thunder”.

When we meet someone, we have never met before; they do not have any indication about who we are. So, they critic us on the basis of what they see and hear.  Everything else becomes secondary. The things that we say, the way in which we act and everything that indicates anything about our personality lays the foundation on which the other person frames an idea about our character or personality. Once the foundation has been made, it becomes very crucial to change it. Thus, the first impression is extremely important because it creates the clouded foundation for the way in which people perceive us. It offers people with the glasses through which they see us. This is absolutely the reason why people should make every effort to create a good first impression.

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“The first impression is the last impression

till the first impression lasts”.

We live in an age where the competition is not only high, but it is cut throat. If you want to get advanced, you will have to present yourself as nothing but the very best. A good first impression will carry you out in the eyes of the top most important people and from there, you can work your way to the top through hard work and labor. The first impression will help you in building yourself as someone who can be trusted and is worthy of attention. 

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First impression matters a lot…

But is not the last at all”.

One does not get a second chance to develop a first impression. Everyone gets just a single chance and they have to make the finest out of it. If you spoil your chance, you will have to work very hard and for a very long time to overhaul your image. In profession life, a good first impression can free to doors to many other things. Thus, on your first meeting, make sure that you put your best step ahead. Let people know that you understand what you are doing and analyze everything twice in your mind before you say it out loud.

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“You only have one first contingent to make one 

First impression that lasts a lifetime”.



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