Though we live in a digital era where almost anything and everything is digitized, there are fashion lovers and art enthusiasts who at times seek for something handmade to exhibit their individualistic expressions. 

Calligraphy is one such art that gives form to letters and signs in an expressive and harmonious manner. Calligraphy is the recent talk of the town among the design community. And that’s why the Department of Fashion Technology at Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, determined to capture its essence at the right time and organize a workshop for their students to have hands-on training and experience.

Dr K Saravanan, Head of the department & Ms Niveathitha S, assistant professor, Department of Fashion Technology were the event organizers. The students learned on the basic strokes of hand lettering, writing lowercase and uppercase alphabets and blending techniques. 

Around 50 students participated and impressively created placards to cherish their memories of this workshop.

This workshop on Calligraphy – Hand lettering was conducted by Ms Vidya Kumaresan, the founder of ‘The wishing ink’. She has been into this hand calligraphy art for the past two years and has conducted workshops across various colleges and art lovers community.


Ms Vidya Kumaresan teaching Calligraphy to BIT Fashion department Students

Ms Vidya Kumaresan teaching Calligraphy to BIT Fashion department Students


She did custom hand made calligraphic greeting cards for Louis Vuitton customers as Valentine’s Day special articles. Ms.Vidya also shared the story of her start-up ‘The wishing ink’ and on how she self-trained herself to learn the basics of this art.

Hand lettering and calligraphy has widespread applications for the students of Fashion technology to do with. From branding design to logo design and print design, artistic expression is essential to attribute its visual representation. 

The students could take this art of hand lettering to other dimensions through their creativity. They buried themselves in the process of creating beautiful and graceful letters during the workshop. 

Hari Prasad, a final year B.Tech Fashion Technology graduate of BIT says, 

“I love this workshop so much and will think of taking this as a small startup idea to customize gift articles and sell them online”.

 In today’s world, education needs to provide people with a reliable compass and the navigation tools to find their own way through an increasingly complex and volatile world.

Creating new value, as a transformative competency, connotes processes of creating, making, bringing into being and formulating; and outcomes that are innovative, fresh and original, contributing something of intrinsic positive worth. 

Thus why in BIT, we suggest entrepreneurialism in the broader sense of being ready to venture, to try, without anxiety about failure. We strongly believe in that, the constructs that underpin the competence are imagination, inquisitiveness, persistence, collaboration and self-discipline. Young people’s agency to shape the future will partly hinge on their capacity to create new value.

Life is About Taking Chances, Trying New Things, Having Fun, Making Mistakes and Learning From It.

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