Today, with the advancement of technology and the emergence of new sciences, the needs of humankind have changed.

Robotics is one of the sciences responding to such needs. It has made great progress and moved from fiction to reality and has largely entered people’s lives so that today many companies and individuals are trying to be a pioneer in this new scientific and technological field and present new ideas and designs. 

As an attempt in learning, one of our BIT teams has been working on this new technology and they have presented a new, different, useful and high-quality design in this robotics science field.

The Maritime Rescue Bot

Blue Walkers – a team consists of 6 students,

          • Yuvanshankar K A – Mechanical,
          • Santhiya V – ECE
          • Dharshini K – EEE
          • Indhra Priyadharshini  – CSE
          • Mysri S  – CSE
          • Ramya R – ECE

from the Unmanned Under Water Vehicle Lab, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology designed a Maritime Rescue Bot which helps to rescue and safeguard the people drowning in water. And they assure that it will be very helpful during the Flood rescue operations. The team was mentored by Mr. Selvamuthukumaran D, Asst Prof – II, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, BIT.

The robot is built to survive the unpredictable conditions of a disaster site. Every year, more than one million lives are claimed by natural disasters. Millions more are displaced, BITians’ Maritime Rescue Bot (MRB) hopes to be able to reduce these numbers.

The bot is designed using PVC pipes and it works on radiofrequency signals, the bot can withstand for 5 hrs straight during the rescue operation, and it has the capability of carrying a maximum weight of 80 kg.

Rescue Bot in Mission:

Floods are the most common and widespread of all-natural disasters. India is one of the highly flood-prone countries in the world.

Tamil Nadu has suffered extreme weather events frequently, most discernibly since 2015 when south Chennai was flooded due to heavy rains and consequent flooding.

One of the key problems during the floods and the cyclone was the lack of quick rescue operations.

The Maritime Rescue Bot can help by accelerating the process during the rescue operation.


Here is all about the working of Maritime Rescue Bot…

When the operator receives the message like a person struck/drowning in the water, he switches on the Rescue bot setup, the GPS module set up which gives the live location of the bot, and the operator operates the bot to the person’s location.

The bot is designed in a way so that the individual can ride along with it using the side handles

The bot price is too low when comparing its work, like saving human life, and it’s a one-time investment.

This bot can be used in any kind of water body.

The team tested the Maritime Rescue Bot (MRB) at Sathyamangalam Kodivery check dam on how to manage it during different potential disasters.

Features of the MRB:

          • Remote control facility up to 2 miles
          • GPS Tracking, return to the home position
          • Rechargeable battery with 5hrs Endurance
          • 4knots speed

Tools used in MRB:

          • GPS Module
          • Node MCU
          • 2 AC Modules
          • Relay
          • Battery
          • 6 – 2.4 GHz channel Receivers
          • T200 thrusters
          • RF Remote Controller

Celebrating Our BITians Achievement

AICTE logo

The team displayed the Maritime Rescue Bot in the National level competition sponsored by AICTE. They won the first round and got selected for the second round. The great invention was appreciated by everyone.

Lots of water rescues occur under dangerous conditions, but some are just too difficult for humans to perform without risking serious injury or loss of life.

The idea behind robots for rescue activities is to create robust robots that can travel into areas that are too dangerous for humans.

Rescue operations can greatly benefit from Robotics Technology. 

You People are Making a Difference

The team was appreciated by  Thiru S V Balasubramaniam – Chairman, Mr. M P  Vijayakumar – Trustee, And by the Management team. 

Congratulations to The Team on Your Newly Found Achievement!!

The Way Of Success Is Still Under Construction…




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