The days in BIT was the most valuable moment where I have designed blueprint of my life. A quick thanks to each and everyone who was part of my four years living at the BIT! I couldn’t express my gratitude in a single article. Each and every minute at BIT was an incredible moment which I feel like dreaming.

         Bannari Amman Institute of Technology is one of the good engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu has been moulding thousands of young minds every year. It has moulded me and also provided one of the good environment for learning new concepts, accepting new challenges, experiencing various outcomes and transforming into a proper engineer. They have polished ideas of everyone and helped to flourish in all the ways.

         It also has provided everyone with a platform to find our strengths and build on it. There are numerous technical sessions and industrial training we are allowed to undergo and apart from these, there are non-technical events to cheer the minds conducted by various clubs and departments. These numerous clubs not just conduct events but also help us bring out our leadership skills and other soft skills. It has shaped our talents and abilities into real achievements.

         From providing an excellent infrastructure for not just studying but also to modify ourselves, to smart classrooms and good food, Bannari Amman Institute has been helping us to focus and achieve our goals and fulfilling needs.


                                                                             (Final Year Mechatronics Engineering)



“ A drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man.”

          Water is the precious gift of God on the earth. Life exists on earth because of the availability of water. Itself being tasteless, odourless and colourless, it adds taste, colour and nice smell in the life of living beings on the earth. It is found everywhere and known as life. It takes nothing from us but gives life to us. It has no shape but takes the shape of the container we store it. We find it everywhere in rivers, seas, tanks, wells, ponds, etc but we lack clean drinking water.

         Without water, life is not possible on earth. All the living beings like human, animals, plants, etc need water to grow, develop and live. Water is the only source of all lives here. We need water in all the walks of life from morning till night like drinking, cooking, bathing, washing clothes, watering plant, etc.

         People working in different fields need water for different purposes such as farmers need water to grow crops, gardeners to water plants, industrialists for industry work, electricity plants to generate hydro-electricity, etc. Water is an urgent necessity of life in all the areas of work like a household, agriculture, domestic, industry, etc. It is nature’s precious gifts to us for the continuity of life on the earth.

         Keep the tap close while doing hand wash, toothbrush, face wash, washing dishes, etc. Collect rainwater during the rainy season to use in toilet flush, watering plants, sprinkle in the garden, etc..

         We should understand the importance of water in our lives and stop misusing it with the proper management of usage of water. We should also protect clean water from being dirty due to soil or water pollution.

         Hence, understand the importance of water and make use of it. So conserve water, conserve life.

   “ Thousands Lived without Love, but not without water”


                                                            (1st-year Aeronautical Engineering)



           I heard the wind howling last night. It made the unknown chill terror pass through my spine. I did not think about him at that time. It was late into the night so I said my silent night prayer and went back to sleep.

           My daily courses began as usual on the bright Wednesday morning until a heard a cry next door. I walked into my neighbour’s house and found him lying in his bed. He was sleeping peacefully even though a huge commotion was going around him. He lay still. Then all of a sudden reality struck me.

            I realized that he was having his last sleep from which he ’ll never wake up, asleep which separated us forever, a sleep that took all my happiness and gave him the peace for which he longed throughout his life. He finally found a path to escape from all my constant nagging as a neighbour. Then I heard the most terrifying words that I ever heard in my life. He was dead.

            Dead! When I heard this most painful word, my life changed. My wonderful Wednesday morning was gone. It just had vanished. My beautiful bright spring mornings then turned into a cold winter endless nights. I wonder how a single word can bring about such a big transformation? How could a word possess such power? I stood by my neighbour door like a statue for the whole day. Then days passed. His body disappeared that day. He was taken to the cemetery, but his thought never disappeared. I could not forget him. So I decided to move out of that house. I moved to another place.

            My days moved on, but my life did not. It was still standing in the doorsteps of my neighbour’s house. I can see things moving around me, people moving around me but I couldn’t move. Events occurred smoothly and days passed steadily, but I could not move not an inch. I saw people moving on. I saw how their mourn turned to laughter. How winter changed into spring. But my winter lasted.

           The winter that lasted in my life was different. The winter morning was covered with snow. Even though it was cold it was still beautiful I sometimes enjoyed catching the snowflakes. But my night was similar to the winters of the Arctic and Antarctic. It was like the days without light.

          When the night descended my nightmares came back to me. I wept all through the night. I feared that the darkness of the night will combine with the darkness of my heart and become stronger than me and bury me into it. I feared that the silence of the night will forever be the walls of my house called life and darkness would be my furniture called the passing days and sorrows would be the only song heard in my house. But everything ended one morning.

          On that morning I saw the birth of the Sun in the horizon. I made up my mind at once and waited for the night to set in. This was the first time in so many days that I have waited for my day to end. Then I sat down to face my fear.

          I let my thoughts wander through all the forest of mind without any restriction. I could not say how many times I screamed that night for help. How many times I tried to run out my room. How many times I thought of giving up. But that sunrise of the morning kept me going.

          After hours of struggle, I sat down to think straight. I did not learn what death was, instead, I learnt what life was. I realized how much I should be loving my life that I scare death the most. I realized that the death of that single person brought my greatest fear to life.

          Then I took the most important decision of my life. I decided to live my life to the fullest that when my appointment with my death comes I don’t want any of my appointments with my life remaining unattended.

          From that day onwards I started living every moment of my life. Still, I admit the word d – e – a – t – h will always be the most dreadful in my life.

                                                                                                                                                            –  Preetha P  

                                                                              (1st-year Aeronautical Engineering)


The Moment of capture

“ To Reach The Unreachable Star ”

            I am Vignesh KP, a 21-year-old young man with big dreams. My dream, passion and love are all about achieving and shining in that one thing in life, Photography. I wasn’t a photo freak from childhood nor did I have a clear passion to work towards it.

           I was a guy who was yearning to accomplish something in life. I was a guy full of thirst but zero ideas. Then I started taking pictures in my mobile to which I sort of got addicted to. When my friends appreciated me for the pictures that I clicked was when I actually realized that this was it. I loved photography and I was pretty good at it.

           Days passed by and my hunger for clicking pictures did not come to an end. Well, it actually ended up in me buying a professional camera if you ask me. And yes, it did take me a lot of energy to convince my parents to buy me one. At first, they were reluctant but later they supported and encouraged me to keep going for it. Me on the other hand, I was busy snapping all the time. Photography made me happy and trust me when I say this, “It’s so much pleasure when you start living your dream”. I found myself getting immersed while taking pictures.

           Altogether it gave me a different feeling that words and expressions couldn’t describe. I would literally be on cloud nine just by seeing the world through my lens in a totally different and beautiful view. It helped me with all the problems giving me peace of mind.

            Even Though everything went well I still had that craving desire telling me to prove myself, to become known. It kept me awake for days, thinking of what I could do that would help me achieve my goal and strive towards that unreachable star. Eventually, I managed to figure it out. There it was, a 365 days challenge. I made up my mind and decided to go for it. This turn in life started on January 1st, 2018.

           To everyone out there it may seem like “What’s so tough? It’s just a click every day!!”. But it wasn’t a very easy task and it took a lot of perseverance and determination to complete it. I had certain rules like non-repetition of pictures and timings that I would even keep a dead point to follow.

            You guys can imagine just one thing, chilling with friends or out with other work that you forget to upload a picture. And apparently forgetfulness is present in almost everyone’s list of daily problems and it was in mine too. So, when the clock ticks 12 and if I don’t have a picture then puff and gone. I would have lost my challenge.

            If my own rules that I live by weren’t enough to tense me up, there were always those few sets of people to discourage me and trying to put me down and another set whose level of expectations would hike every day. I had to live up to it.

            First, it was demanding and never ending but little by little and day by day I learnt to meet the demands and fulfil it. I kept going with the one thought that,   

” I should look at the better me tomorrow”

          I ultimately and successfully completed the challenge on January 1st,2019. This is simply a start to everything that I would accomplish in the near future. So it’s my journey so far which still has a long way to go.

– Vignesh K P

 (final year Computer Science Engineering)

           Photography Club



             BIT is one such place which makes us realize what actually life is. At the time of joining I was just worried how the college life would be? But to my surprise, I started enjoying it.

             The infrastructure is tremendously awesome. The overall ambience of BIT is pleasant, enjoyable and cosy. All the Board members along with Trustee and chairman are very much friendly. We can avail the online feedback system through which we can post our suggestion to any of the persons inside the campus including the Chairman and the best part is immediate responses will be given for the same.

             The faculties over here are highly talented and they show greater interest in imparting their knowledge. Throughout my college life, I’m very much blessed with Mrs Kirubavathi M, who is my Advisor and also a well-wisher. The way she supported helped me a lot in reaching greater heights.

             BIT’s Department of Humanities offers students with a wide variety of language courses which includes German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Hindi. The exams for every language will be conducted by the particular universities and BIT wholeheartedly supports the students for reaching the best they need.

              As a result of utilizing the available resource, I opted Chinese language and completed the first two levels by securing the first mark all over the world in my first level and with a very good score in my second level. Additionally, I also completed the Spanish language successfully.

             BIT not only concentrates in academics but also encourage students in participating in technical events and symposiums hosted by other colleges. I had an opportunity of participating in Paper Presentation at eight college’s in which I got the first prize from four colleges. This made me feel better and helped a lot in improving my confidence.

            I had a greater interest in managing a team and as a result, I was appointed as the Project Design Contest Co-Coordinator and attained some more knowledge in managing a team. Not only this but also a Joint Treasurer of Computer Science and Engineering Students Association and Computer Society of India and also as a Treasurer for the Entrepreneurship Development Cell of BIT during my pre-final year.

           Followed by this I became the Treasurer for the Computer Science and Engineering Students Association and Computer Society of India in my final year. At the end of my final year, I got moulded perfectly for my career.  

“Learning another language is like becoming another Person”

           BIT is the best example for the saying just because they offer students with a wide variety of language courses which is not actually provided by any other colleges. The languages that they offer are German, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and Hindi. The tutors for these languages visit our campus every weekend for teaching the students the particular language.

          As a result of utilizing the given opportunity, I initially opted Chinese language and completed First two levels of examination by Securing International Level First Mark (200/200) in my first level and with a very good score in my second level. Mr.Saravanakumar Raju who was my Chinese tutor along with the Department of Humanities supported and encouraged me to clinch this success. And after completing the first two levels of Chinese examination, I opted the Spanish language and completed the first level successfully.

         All these examinations were conducted by the concerned Universities where we have to go and take our examination. The students of BIT were availed with the transportation facility to reach the examination centres, Hospitality and Food were also rousing. I had a very good experience along with enjoyment a lot throughout my college life by exploring new languages and new things.

         According to me, BIT also provides us good hospitality with medical dispensary which functions 24X7. Our hostel is very safe and also it is known for its cleanliness. Food provided is really scrumptious which is healthy and highly hygienic. We are also provided with the sports complex and gym facilities inside our hostel. And, the best part of my college life is I got such wonderful and lovely persons as my friends, who are my greatest supporters.





     BIT IS MY HEART. ”                           

 Thank You BIT.

-Arunthathi K

 (final year Computer Science Engineering)


The Silent War


                Dear readers, I could hear from your heart that your brain has started quizzing on what ‘The Silent War’ would be. I wish to take off with some questions. Do you love poisoning others? Or would you be happy to jump into a pool of boiling liquid? These queries seem weird right???

                Well, let me bring some sense to these questions with insights about the ‘The Silent War’ that human beings and nature are into. It is in a way related to the 5 the Common Sense that we all human beings possess- the Sense of Touch or Feel. I hope you have guessed it by now relating the terms “Nature” and “Sense of Touch”. Yes, exactly, this article will be all about the ‘Global Climate Change’ and its consequences.

                It is an awful fact that mankind has ignored to recognize the adversities of the climate threat. We have just scrolled it as another bug warning that pops on our system screens. What does global climate change actually mean? Climate change is a complex phenomenon which is very turbulent to predict. Climate change has impacts on natural resources, agriculture, and ecosystem. It also brings about changes in our economies, health, and other socio-economic aspects.

               Is it so very important that Climate change should top the list of the agenda during the world leaders summit at the UNO? Yes for sure because global climate changes largely affect sustainable economic developments. The world nations have ratified the ‘Paris Climate Concord’ sensing the potential monumental damages that climate change can cause. We should accept that there is no greater threat to human existence than climate change.

              As the economic development of a country depends on the geopolitical circumstances, India too is facing the challenge of sustaining the rapid economic growth while dealing with the global threats of climate change. Climate change can alter the distribution quality of India’s natural resources and adversely affect the livelihood of the people.

               Secondly, we should understand the difference between global warming and global climate change. Global warming is just a part of global climate change. Global warming is just an increase in temperature but climate change is the longtime changes taking part in global climate. It is like the fire that ignites the explosives of global climate change.

              When we look at the effects of the irreversible catastrophe it covers almost all the environmental aspects. It causes erratic wind patterns, changes in seasons, melting of glaciers and subsequent rise in sea level and significant changes in the rain and snowfall patterns. It is likely to cause the immigration of ‘climatic refugees’ fleeing their homeland to reach a solace of the tarnishing warmth of nature. Scientists have affirmed that 2019 will be the hottest year on record.

             We should also know in what ways climate change affects economic development. There will be an increased decline in the coastline economy from fishing and tourism as sea level increases the shrinkage of the country’s coastline. Owing to low rainfall and unprecedented droughts- there are heavy chances of crop failure subsequently diminishing the income from food and other agricultural production. This might also lead to undesirable conditions like food grain shortage and famine.

             Believe me, the fatal heat waves have claimed the lives of about 6,100 people in India till date. Such adverse effects pose a serious threat to economic bright spots like India. Though the Government provides Federal Tax Credits for energy efficient homes, people are least bothered about making changes. It is unfortunate to have only a handful of houses in our city are upgraded to solar power for which the Government provides an attractive subsidy of 40%.

             The Government should seek the help of tech giants to design efficient, greener, cleaner automobiles. It will be a better idea to provide patronage to the young and inquisitive minds working for the same cause. The industries should come forward to cut down the carbon emission for which India has been ranked 3rd globally. The Government can mend their ways and work on policies in order to upgrade the system to reduce and control emissions.

              Top world leaders have resolved for effective, durable and comprehensive measures to mitigate the pollutants in the UN summit on Climate Change in Paris. As John F Kennedy has said,

“Problems are man-made and hence can be solved by man”.

              Thus, I hereby appeal to my dear readers to maintain the spirit of commitment envisioned by our leaders. We should have a strong faith and a deep sense of endurance to fight tough as we do battle hard in PUBG. It is not about winning or losing, but it is about the happy existence of human race on the planet for centuries from now. Let ‘The Silent War’ end the supremacy of inhumane pollutants and not the human lives.

– Gokul Prasad C 

(3rd-year Mechanical Engineering)


A Mother

Only she who loves you more,

than the world does,

Only she who sacrifice her prime,

for your prime,

Only she who makes you laugh,when

others makes you cry,

Only she who stands behind you, though

the world opposes you

Only she who see you as hero, though

you are zero to others

Only just because you delivered your

world’s first kiss to her,

While she feeds you, her breast milk..

– Nithish C

       (3rd-year Mechanical Engineering)








பூமித் தாய்


என் நாற்பது மகன்களை வீழ்த்தி விட்டாய் என்று



இன்னும் நாற்பது கோடி வீர மகன்களை பெற்று



என் கருவறையில்!

அவர்களை சுமந்தது போல் தானே உன்னையும்



தாயை காக்க வந்த என் செல்லங்களை வீழ்த்தும்போது

ஒரு நொடியேனும் உன் சகோதரர்களை நினைக்க



செஞ்சோத்து கடனுக்காகஉன் உடன் பிறந்த  

சகோதரர்களைவீழ்த்தி விட்டாயா



உன்னை கருவறையில் சுமக்கும்ப்போது பாரமாய்



ஆனால் இன்றோ வீர மகன்களின் குருதி குவியலின் நடுவில் மடியில் உன்னை சுமப்பது பாவமாய்



நாற்பது விதைகள் நாளை நாற்பது கோடி விருட்சமாக

வளரும் எனை காக்க

ஜெய் ஹிந்த்!                                                                    

– பா.மணிகண்டன்









தாய் மொழியின் அவசியம்

நம்மை கருவில் சுமப்பவள் தாய்….

நம்மை கருவிலிருந்தே சுமக்கும் மொழி



அன்னை என்பவள் முன் முதற்கடவுள்….

அவளை முதலில் உச்சரிக்க உவகை செய்தது



தவறுகளை வெளிப்படுத்தி உணர்த்துபவர்


தவிப்புகளை வெளிப்படுத்தி உணர்த்துவது



நாம் களிப்பில் பல மொழிகளைப் பேச


ஆனால் கவலையில் நம் தாய்மொழி இடம் தான்



ஊட்டி வளர்ப்பவள் அன்னை….

உணர்வை வளர்ப்பது நம் தாய்மொழி….


தஞ்சமடைய நம் தாய் நாடு….

தன்னிலை அடைய நம் தாய்மொழி….


நாம் உரைக்கும் வார்த்தைகள் பிறமொழி….

ஆனால் உச்சரிக்கும் வார்த்தைகள் தாய்மொழி….


சிரிப்பது பிறமொழி…

சிந்திப்பது தாய்மொழி


அறிவிற்கு பிற மொழி…

அன்பிற்கு நம் தாய்மொழி…

அன்பில் அணைக்கவும் ..

ஆறுதலாய் உரைக்கவும்..

இன்பத்தை இரைக்கவும்..

                                                                      ஈதலில் நடக்கவும்..

   உண்மையில் சிறக்கவும்..  

   ஊக்கத்தை கொடுக்கவும்..

                                                                      எழுச்சி உண்டாக்கவும்..

                                                                      ஏக்கத்தை தணிக்கவும்..

                                                                      ஐயத்தை போக்கவும்..

       ஒற்றுமையை வளர்க்கவும்..!

         ஓடத்தின் துடுப்பினை போல..

                ஓளவ்வையின் அறிவுரை போல..

     அஃது அனைத்துமாய் அமைவது

நம் தாய்மொழி..                                            

தாய் மொழிக்கு இத்துணை பெருமை எனில்..                                                           

என் தாய்மொழிக்கு?                                                                                           


அமிர்தமாய் இனிக்கும்..

கவியாய் கனிக்கும்..


தமிழ் மொழியை முத்தமிட

என்னில் வார்த்தைகள் இல்லை

இருப்பினும்.. தமிழே!


உன் சொற்களில் மையல் கொண்டு

செயல்களை மறந்தேன்..

உன் மீது மையல் கொண்டு

என்னையே மறந்தேன்..


துடித்தேன், ரசித்தேன்,

தவித்தேன், பணிந்தேன்


ஏனெனில் நீ மொழியல்ல



என் முதல்காதலி நீ…

என் மூச்சுக் காற்றும்  நீ…                      


தமிழின் தீரா வெறியை 

சே. ரா. சுபஸ்ரீ

(2nd-year Mechanical  Engineering)








வலிமை – வறுமை

பருத்த உடம்புடன், கட்டையான மீசையுடன்

கரடுமுரடான குரலை கொண்டு ¨அடேய் !¨

என்று கர்ச்சிப்பவனை விட!

மெலிந்த உடலுடன், கவலைமிக்க பார்வைகொண்டு

மெல்லிய குரலில் ¨அம்மா!.. ஐயா!..¨  என்று

கதறுபவனின் குரலுக்கே வலிமை அதிகம் !

அதற்கே மதிப்பும் அதிகம்!..

–   சை. மாமன் மைதீன்


A Pencil Can Do Much and More Than You Think

Art  by BIT’ian

-Ram Vishnu

(final year Mechanical Engineering)




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