One fine evening, I was taking a small walk towards the BIT campus gate. It was the time when the sun was bidding goodbye for the day after completing the daily hot work. The colour of hotness was fading into mild orange. The birds were busy flying to nest. It was the time when everything was busy moving towards the rest zone. My body was relaxed and comfortable but my mind was busy cooking up some thoughts. I was thinking all about human values. I compared the present day of my life to the stories said by my grandparents that happened in their life. Everything changed and there emerged new technology, innovative ideas, well build society etc., The only thing the change couldn´t change is human. My grandparents were human so as I am. However, please do not consider life expectancy period. every creature in this earth has a certain value so do human. we call it Human value. does this generation possess so-called values and ethics? what are these actual human values? I could not find answers by myself. soon, I got an idea to contact Ms.Ashwathi, a faculty at BIT. Apart from academics, She also trains students in the domain of life skills and nurtures them in values and ethics. All she said about human values is given below.

Human values are of utmost importance for an individual’s life. A human should be endowed with integrity, discipline, lending hands, forgiveness, determination, respect, love, commitment to positive growth. A person may fail to succeed but shouldn’t lose humanity at any cost. They not only lead a self-disciplined life but also helps in raising the moral values around them. Even an accomplished person may not be valued if he does not possess moral values. People may think that the person who is wealthy gets respect wherever he goes, but it’s actually not. Whatever we think, we see, we believe, is not true. 

No matter how educated, talented, wealthy or super cool you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells everything. “Integrity is everything”.

 Nowadays we wonder when we see a person with integrity, its because people started losing it for the sake of wealth. 

When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when the character is lost, everything is lost.         – Billy Graham

Yes! It is damn true. So, stop worrying about the wealth which can be earned even overnight and start gaining the values which can’t be built that easy over a decade. One shouldn’t lose their character for anything in life. If that happens then it’s obviously a meaningless life where one can’t be true to oneself leading wretched life. 

So live a truthful life with contentment in which you don’t hurt others. Others include nature too.  Because “Karma is a boomerang” Whatever we do will definitely get back to us later, even if not now. 

Let the forthcoming generation be educated rather being just graduated. Education is something different from graduation. Education covers all these moral values whereas graduation concentrates only on the count of degrees. Educated people will be loyal throughout their life. I wish everyone on this earth to be educated. Have a happy education and enlighten the future!

At last, I realised that after a long period I spent my time wisely. I really felt like I have learnt something and I could imply that in my life to make it better. I can also teach others what I have learnt and can make them feel better. My words here could show my deep gratitude to her. I am really thankful to Ms Ashwathi. you have still a long way to go. All The Best!


– Ashwathi R

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